First Post

Hey Everyone,
        I’ll start out our first post with how we got here and what is the meaning or the objective of our blog. I have been wanting to write since my childhood. I don’t know why I wanted to write but I enjoyed writing. I wasn’t the best in English as a language but I did try. I think it started out with poems. I used to write short poems about my sister, friends and family. I laugh every time I read one of those. I used to wonder what was I thinking when I wrote all that funny stuff.
       Then I went on writing stories which I was never able to complete. I don’t know why but often times half way through the writing, I read it all again and feel as though it was missing something. So I give up and move onto another story. It’s never the ending or beginning that bothers me but what comes in between. The idea is pretty clear for me but the details is what I usually miss out on.
        I used to express my interest to write to my sister and family. They would completely support me in whatever case be it but I myself never had the courage to carry on. It wasn’t a while until my sister said to me that even she was interested in writing. Then most of the times we collaborated, participated in events and lost most of the time. However, whatever we wrote together made us feel complete, like the missing gap has been filled. So we commenced writing our thoughts, snippets etc. Many of our friends suggested we start a blog. So here we are, on the first post of our very first blog.
         As you can see our website says ‘Ace Sisters’ because we call ourselves that. I am Ash and my sister Haze, together we are the Ace Sisters. The idea of the name Ace Sisters kind of came up during our high school years, where we wanted to sound cool and be something big. To compensate our younger selves dreams we decided to keep the names the same.
          The title which says ‘Dream. Love. Hope. Believe’ comes with the objective of the blog. We are both dreamers and love life to the fullest with lots of hope and belief that our dreams will come true. Although most of the time we will be sharing our thoughts, our main objective is to be able to relate with everyone and to keep dreaming further and further while working towards that dream. So let’s dream, love, hope and believe together.

Thanking you,
Ash & Haze